Friday, 28 February 2014

Improvements of Lohit Gurmukhi 2.91.0 over Lohit-Punjabi 2.5.3

Hello all ! with the announcement for alpha release 2.91.0 of lohit-gurmukhi from lohit2 project, I would like to mention some improvements that we had achieved with this version over the previous one.

The first improvement that's quiet notifiable is, of course, the task of renaming Lohit Punjabi to Lohit Gurmukhi since we had already discussed related to this [1].

the improvements that we had achieved in Gurmukhi includes : 

Technical improvements
  • Supports guru and gur2 open type script tags.
  • Follows AGL specification syntax.
  • Open type rules are available in .fea file for easy reusability
  • Open type gsub lookups reduction from 10 to 8.
  • Corrected glyph class of all glyphs.
  • Renamed anchors to GRAnchor.
 Designing improvements 
  • "Copy Reference" feature implemented for better reusability of glyphs.
  • Improved shape of aivowelguru, oovowelguru, aivowelguru_tippiguru, oovowelguru_tippiguru, aivowelguru_addakguru, oovowelguru_addakguru,oovowelguru_bindiguru.
I would like to elaborate these designing improvements because we also had resolved the bug on bugzilla on this [2]. So in conformance with that, the following screenshots are self-explanatory. The first section depicts designing in 2.5.3 version & second one is an improvement in 2.91.0.

 The basic need behind these design improvements helps to avoid merging & overlapping of some above base substitution glyphs to the consonant glyphs. This achieves better contextualization.

here comes a paragraph as an example (second screenshot has improvemnts over first one):

along with these improvements Lohit Gurmukhi had been sucessfully tested on harfbuzz, W8 & utrrs as well. Lohit page has been updated with this release[3]. So at any point of time , if you came across any issue, please feel free to mention :) .


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