Tuesday, 18 February 2014

GNUnify : Nice event

Hey, good morning all !! Most of us might have attended this event called "GNUNIFY"[1]. as far as I know, It was 2 day event but was  overwhelmed with lots of sessions which were truely truely helpful . As it was open to all, sessions were informative for all of students, professionals,developers etc. Unfortunately I had missed the first day sessions but I was there at second day on 15th Feb.

There were a lot many sessions arranged on 2nd day as well among which I had attended the one which was "Django workshop". It was totally practical oriented session (really thankful for doing so) & session had included installation part as well, so that people got to know the details from basic stage.This session was well conducted by Arun Mittal. He differentiated the Django versions & their functionalities. He had briefly explained about settings.py, urls.py etc by means of programming. He made the audience to actually program & execute the things he explained.

The followed session was of "Python Decorators" which was conducted by Mr.Dhananjay Nene. He started with python functionalities (like python allows to pass function as a parameter to other function,python allows to create functions inside function etc) Then he directed towards the concept of python decorators.He explained,Decorator takes function as a input & returns function as output. Python Decorators has features listed below :

1) Lexical scoping
2) Code Reusability
3) New feature availability with if else structure
4) Partial Function Application

After this session we had served with delicious food :). well, succeeding session  was "Using Git & Github", it was very much informative for beginners. The speaker had demonstrated the concepts of creating repo's, pulling requests, forking, ssh keys, committing, pushing, pulling etc.

so, in-short the session arranged were truly informative (basically for learners). & I must say, they had done a great job. I am really thankful.
1. http://gnunify.in/

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