Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lohit2 proceeding with Lohit Punjabi

Good morning everyone! With the release of Lohit Malayalam & script writings of automated testing tool, we are now looking towards improving Lohit Punjabi [1]. As previously specified in the mail on lohit-devel-list, its better to call "Lohit Punjabi" as "Lohit Gurmukhi".

This improvements will involve all the basic & additional improvements as well :

Basic improvements :

    * Following AGL specification (We are just following syntax and not naming stuff yet. It will happen with script improvement for generating sfd to ttf)
    * Feature file separate for flexibility and reusability.
    * Complete cleanup of existing Open type tables
    * Supporting both "guru" and "gur2" open type specifications.
    * Thorough testing with Harfbuzz and Uniscribe (WinXp, W7 and W8)
    * Fixing existing open bugs of Lohit Punjabi [2]

Additional improvements :

   * Removal of lookups which are no longer needed.
   * Inclusion of feature tags according to the specifications in Microsoft Typography for Gurmukhi[3] 
   * Automated Testing 

The development has already been started at Lohit2[4]


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