Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Automated Testing Tool for Lohit

Hello everyone. Being at completion stage, here comes the tool for automated testing which is key asset in testing process since it saves the time & predicts accurate output. Its just as simple as running a single command preceding with appropriate parameters .

What we have done actually is,
1. We had written a script which takes the input involving script_name, test_file_name & ttf_file_name.
2. This script can be used for both generating the standard test case output from raw test case file & testing that standard test cases with the ones after newer modifications.
3. Only the thing to note is that, this script has hb-shape dependancy. So while executing this in fedora, ubuntu etc please make sure you have harbuzz-devel rpm installed .  

The Screenshots & Commands for execution :

For generating the standard test cases  :

    python <test file> <font file>

For testing the newer test cases : 

    python <test file> <font file>


>  : 
     this script can be executed only once to generate standard output file
 which will be going to include output for all the test cases specified in raw test file.

> :
      this script can be executed, many a times , whenever any changes are been made. This script will compare output with the previously generated standard test file.

> test_file :     the name of text file wherein all your test cases resides.

> font_file : 
     ttf file name for the font which you want to apply to.

you can refer the link [1][2] for python script Hope this finds useful.


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