Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Steps To Test Lohit Gujarati

Hi all , in regard to the blog previously written [1], many of people came to know that lohit gujarati testing activity. As we have reached to alpha release, i would like to note the steps for testing of gujarati in more details :

Installing fonts:

>> Fedora or other linux distro

1. Using graphics user interface
- open ttf using gnome-font-viewer or kfontview
- click on install fonts

2. Using terminal
- copy font to /~.local/share/fonts
- run $fc-cache
- open gedit, it should be listed now

>> Windows
1. Nicely documented on http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows-vista/install-or-uninstall-fonts

One can have more details regarding the same on [2].

Steps to test 'test-gujarati' file :

  we had created test-gujarati file thereby covering all of the glyph in fontforge application & the glyphs that we tested additionally.

Here are the steps to test :

- Download test-gujarati file [3]
- Open this file with gedit or any other text editor
- Test to see the proper contextualization

You can test by copying all the glyphs from this file & to paste them on any other editor .

Your testing contribution means a lot for this project . You can have your feedback & issues as well, if any , on github [4].  The screenshots will be much more helpful for testing & fixing for issues as well .

1. http://snehakore.blogspot.in/2013/10/lohit-gujarati-is-on-testing-phase.html
2. https://raw.github.com/pravins/lohit/master/README
3. https://raw.github.com/pravins/lohit2/master/gujarati/test-gujarati.txt
4. https://github.com/pravins/lohit2/tree/master/gujarati

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