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South Asian scripts - Gujarati

The Gujarati script is a north indian script closely relate to devanagari. It is most obviously distinguished from devanagari by not having a horizontal bar for its letterforms, the characteristics of the older Kaithi script to which the Gujarati is related. The Gujarati script is used to write the gujarati language of the gujarati state in India.

Vowel Letters :

vowel letters are encoded atomically in unicode, even if they can be analyzed visually as consisting of multiple parts. Following chart shows some of the the letters that can be analyzed, the single codepoint that should be used to represent them in text, and the sequence of codepoints resulting from analysis that should not be used .

For  Use   Do Not Use

આ    0A86   <OA85, OABE>
એ     0A8F   <0A85, 0AC7>
ઑ    0A91   <0A85, 0AC9>

Rendering Behavior :

For rendering of the Gujarati script, see the rules for rendering as specified in Devanagari [1]. like other Brahmic scripts in the Unicode Standard, Gujarati uses the virama to form conjunct characters. The virama is informally called khodo, which means "lame" in Gujarati. Many conjunct characters, as in devanagari, loose the vertical stroke ; there are also vertical conjuncts. U+0AB0 GUJARATI LETTER RA takes special forms when it combines with other consonants e.g. :

ક + ્ + ષ -> ક્ષ (ksa) 
ર + ્ + ક -> ર્ક (rka)
ક + ્ + ર -> ક્ર (kra)
ટ + ્ + ટ -> ટ્ટ (tta)

Punctuation :

Words in Gujarati are separated by spaces. danda & double danda marks as well as some other unified punctuation used with gujarati are found in the devanagari block.

This is about the unicode core specification information about the script Gujarati. as conformance to this , we have developed & written the OT Spec rules for Gujarati sucessfully with its alpha release. Also the Gujarati testing phase is already done with harfbuzz , windows xp ,windows 7, windows 8 . The bugs that we came across are reported & fixed on [2]. very soon we are  planning to have its beta release since some issues are yet to get fixed .

One can download the ttf file from [3].

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