Sunday, 27 October 2013

Started To Work For Lohit Kannada

With the successful fixing for the bugs reported on GitHub for Lohit Devanagari & also with on going testing activity for Lohit Gujarati , Lohit Kannada has started to ignite. As Already specified in the mail by Mr. Pravin Satpute, The Lohit Kannada will going to focus on the following tasks specifically :
    1. Following AGL while renaming lohit-gujarati
    2. Feature file separate as done in lohit-devanagari
    3. Supporting "knda" and "knd2" Opent type tag
    4. Thorough testing with Harfbuzz and Uniscribe (will test with
Windows XP as well to make sure webfonts will render correctly everywhere)

The tasks that are already been completed regarding Lohit Kannada  are :

   1. GSUB Cleanup
   2. Glyph renaming
   3. Test file creation (in process)

The actual OT rule writing for Lohit Kannada will be starting very soon . so that the rendering of glyph with proper contextualization can be achieved.Development is going on [1]repo. Once get ready for alpha, will merge it main lohit repo.

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