Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lohit Gujarati is on testing phase

Hi all, This post is about status of work that we are working on . with the alpha release of Lohit Devanagari , very soon will move towards the beta release for the same . meanwhile the work on lohit gujarati is in progress .

Currrent status for Lohit Gujarati :

1) Generated Test File
2) Done with OT rules writing for all of the form features[1]
3) Created Glyph-naming file thereby covering all of the glyphs
4) Tested on harfbuzz

With the successful completion on above listed tags . We have reached at the testing phase .
Harfbuzz testing is much successful  than on windows .

also I would like to mention about utrrs testing. We came across the test case 581 & 586 , there we found that we can have some improvements over there (possibility for inclusion of the glyph for DA HALANT GA & DA HALANT BHA )  so we had reported about the same to the utrrs [2].

Further thing remained is about fixing of some contextualization issues at windows xp .We will surely work particularly on that. For any deatils feel free to contact [3][4].

2. (test case no 581,586)

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