Monday, 16 December 2013

Lohit Devanagari 2.93.0 release (lohit2 project)

After Lohit-Devangari 2.92.0 release, we are here with its next release. Thanks to all who gave feedback for our release. This release mainly focused for the fixes which makes Lohit more stable and usable.

 Fixes : 
  • Additions of 17 glyphs for U+093F (ि) and its variants (reph, anusvara).
  • Contextual chaining substitution to match additionally included matras
  • Fix for locl tables for Marathi and Nepali language.
  • Fix for self-intersecting glyph warning in number of shapes.
  • Testing across platform.

The rest of the minor fixes regarding the glyph contextualization, conjunct formation, ligature formation etc which were reported on github ,had efficiently resolved now . You can have a look over there [1].

 With this release , the updated lohit project page [2] is available for download.
 Installation tar ball link for Lohit is available at [3]. Your feedback is key asset for us so feel free to ask anything related Lohit-Devanagari issues [4]. 


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