Sunday, 29 September 2013

HTML 5 Tour @ Pune

Hii all . This blog is all about html 5 tour .The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) India Office had organized an HTML5 Tour in India from 17 - 25 September 2013 [1]. The Eminent technology leader & expert from the World Wide Web Consortium imparted training on HTML5 and W3C's Open Web Platform to developers, students and other academies.

The Tour was scheduled across India's 5 metropolis cities - New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune . The topics discussed during this tour was different at different places. The tour held @ pune was on 25th Sept. & it was more concerned about technology and the concepts regarding web development(mainly focussed on WebRTC ).

The Programme had started by the inauguration function (which had involved offering bouquets to the dignitaries on dias & lighting lamp etc.) followed by the welcome session by Dr.Raiomond Doctor, advisor CDAC, GIST. The prefatory remarks regarding the html 5 was shortly explained
by Mr. Michael Smith, W3C HTML activity lead, which had made the audience more curious about the WebRTC session.

The Global initiatives of W3C were very nicely explained in true perspective and also the key note addressed by Prof. Rajat Moona
was very much useful. The most interesting part of the programme was the WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) which had made the people to brought their attention with soul and mind  [2]. The session started by Mr. Michael Smith was really very interesting . It was all about the WebRTC concept. This concept of WebRTC involved the new way to use the web to connect with other people, including real-time video chat and video conference.

He had explained the limitation of current RTC, core WebRTC technologies. He showed various examples and demos' on the apps that uses the HTML5 functionality [3]. He also made live video chat and video conference for which the getusermedia call is important & also he had shared the link for the same [5]. I should not forget to mention about the Ascii-Camera [6]. He also said that the HTML 5 is going to be launched as [7].

Mr. Amitesh Madhur had focussed his talk on coding section & IP address issue needed for WebRTC installation as well. He had explained about the NAT traversal & also about the protocol such as ICE, STUN, TURN etc. The installation for the respective protocol setting is different for different OS.

Mr. M. D. Kulkarni had talked about the multilingualism and HTML5 followed by the short presentation about the W3C activities . The programme has reached to end by the open panel discussion & the vote of thanks as well.

It was really very nice to attend the session held there. The information that the Michael had given was really very useful. Thanks to the W3C , CDAC team, & of course, I wont forget to include RED HAT. :)

7. http://www.html.o (yet not launched)


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